DIY Antenna & Satellite Kits

DIY TV Antenna Kits.

Think you might like to give it a go yourself? No problem.

Our partner website, Satgear ( can supply you with everything you need from a 4.7 mtr dish to a mounting screw. Satgear have a huge range of antennas & satellite dishes for all locations.

We also have all the accessories including:

Antenna and satellite mounts, masts,stay bars, coax, connectors, amplifiers, diplexers, splitters, taps, screws, bolts, washers, guy wire, turnbuckles, eye screws, LNB’s, wall plates, leads & accessories.
Advice is FREE so don’t be afraid just be safe! After almost 40 years in the industry as fully qualified electronic technicians we understand the technical problems & can solve them.
We offer a fast & professional service with traditional courtesy. So if you do get into problems after giving it a go yourself, don’t worry, we’re always here for you.


Kits Available Include

  • TV Antenna Kits
  • Satellite TV Kits
  • Caravan Kits
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Components Available

  • VAST Decoders
  • Portable Dishes
  • Fixed Dishes
  • LNBs
  • Alignment Meters
  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Mounts
  • Satellite Kits